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Characteristics of a Solid Cybersecurity Provider

iV4's Chief Technology Officer, Michael Montagliano, provides insight on what key characteristics make up a solid cybersecurity provider. Take a look at what he has to say.

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6 Benefits of Business Process Automation

Business process automation frees yourself and your team from the time you spend on recurring manual processes.

As the demand increases for businesses to perform complex, labor-intensive tasks, the goal is to...

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What's Your Office 365 Secure Score?

Security is a top-of-mind concern in every organization today. Recently, Microsoft released a free security analytics tool to help improve security posture– Office 365 Secure Score.

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Watch: iV4 Year in Review

2017 was a great year at iV4. We won awards, had events, added staff and services, and to top it off we merged with Pervasive SolutionsAs 2017 comes to a close, take a walk down memory lane with a short 2017 Year...

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How Can SharePoint Be Used In My Business?

Microsoft SharePoint is a complete bundle of business productivity tools to help with your business processes. But how exactly can you use SharePoint? Here is a list of 20 ways it can be utilized to streamline...

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Proof Your Data is Safe With Office 365

Businesses need productivity tools that help users get more done from virtually anywhere while maintaining security in the face of ever-evolving threats. See how Office 365 supports both of these needs at once with...
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4 Ways Cyber Crime Can Affect Your Daily Life

Halloween is full of ghouls and ghosts! Don't let your personal information get in the hands of the wrong people. Here are 4 hacking horror stories that are sure to make you double check your security this...
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6 Cyber Security Statistics That Will Scare You This Halloween

Halloween is the scariest time of year and to help get in the spirit of holiday here are 6 statistics about cyber security that are sure to get your heart racing.

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Disaster-Preparedness Quiz

An internet outage or inaccessible systems can cost your company thousands of dollars every day, even if your business is small. This quiz will help guide your company toward an effective recovery plan.

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3 Must-Haves for an Effective Security Program

There are three areas that would make our list for must-haves in an effective security program:

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