How Can SharePoint Be Used In My Business?

Microsoft SharePoint is a complete bundle of business productivity tools to help with your business processes. But how exactly can you use SharePoint? Here is a list of 20 ways it can be utilized to streamline day-to-day business operations.


  1. Automate Employee Onboarding
  2. Employee Directory
  3. Employee Activities Site
  4. Voting, Polls, and Surveys
  5. Financial Data Tracking
  6. Tailored Company Announcements
  7. Track Compliance Statuses
  8. Document Management
  9. Project Sites
  10. Purchasing System Portal
  11. Performance/Goal Tracker Tool
  12. Inventory Tracking
  13. Competitive Analysis Site
  14. Invoice Management
  15. Physical Asset Management
  16. Business Performance Reporting
  17. Digital Asset Management
  18. Request for Proposal
  19. Contacts Management
  20. Calendar Sharing

Here is a video to help understand SharePoint a little better.

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iV4 SharePoint Services

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iV4 SharePoint Services

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