3 Must-Haves for an Effective Security Program

There are three areas that would make our list for must-haves in an effective security program:


1. Network Visibility

Do you have visibility into your network’s security posture? With security breaches occurring every day, the response for alerting and containment is down to minutes rather than hours. Once a breach has occurred, you must have the ability to quickly react or the hackers will take the time to seed tools throughout the network infrastructure, making response and recovery efforts much more difficult.


2. Governance

One of the most important aspects of a proactive and dynamic security posture is the overall governance of your organizational security. There are multiple sectors of your business that may adversely affect your security posture. Human resources, operations, management, physical security, and many others, should be governed from a holistic and unified perspective.

Policies and procedures within your organization serve as the backbone for your security. A robust cybersecurity framework should seek to secure your organization from data loss, digital breaches, physical intrusion while seamlessly maintaining compliance with regulatory obligations such as PCI, HIPAA, DFARS, DFS, among others.


3. End-User Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training is a must! Many of the most destructive breaches today i.e. ransomware, are initiated because of a lack of understanding on the part of employees.

For instance, if they open the e-mail, open the attachment, click on the link, and put in their password, what is the potential result of their actions? In the iV4 training program there is a quote, “One small click for man, one giant leap for IT”, meaning the cost of remediation far exceeds actions of initiated by the user.


While network visibility, governance, and security awareness training are extremely important components of an effective security program, they are not the only security tools your organization needs to have in place. Learn more about the comprehensive security solutions iV4 offers at the links below.


iV4 Security Solutions

iV4's Security Managed IT Solutions is a comprehensive security managed service that complements an internal IT team by establishing a holistic security program, including regulatory compliance requirements.

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