Why to use SharePoint | 4 Things You Need to Know About SharePoint

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1. SharePoint is Not OneDrive for Business

The biggest difference between SharePoint and OneDrive for Business is that OneDrive is for your personal files and SharePoint is for collaborative work. OneDrive essentially acts as your 'My Documents' or your desktop but stored in the cloud with sharing capabilities.

SharePoint is a centralized place for all of your organizations documents. Things like employee handbooks, sales materials, policies and procedures, and client information should all live in SharePoint.


2. Version Control

Version control in SharePoint allows a single file to be continually updated but the filename remains the same. On top of that you can access any previous version of that file from a drop down menu.

Think about a year-end report being touched by multiple people, possibly in different locations. People can edit the most up-to-date document without having to rename their version as 'finalfinal'. No more lost files or overwritten work.


3. Send Links Versus Attachments

Using SharePoint makes it fast and easy to email a document. Each document is associated with a live URL link. As long as the recipient has access to the SharePoint site, they are able to click the link to review and edit the most current version. Even if you're still working on it.


4. Multi-Level Permissions

While SharePoint is a powerful tool for collaboration, sometimes there is information that needs to be hidden from certain users. Permissions can be set based on groups or individual users. Permissions can restrict access to a single document to full sites. Managing levels of permissions is an essential part of managing security within the organization for reasons of data privacy and protection.



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