Ransomware Defense: Security Managed Services

One of the most formidable threats in the digital landscape is ransomware. Attackers have committed to leveraging this simplistic form of digital extortion and have custom tailored the delivery vehicles. As seen in the headlines around the world, ransomware has officially left its’ mark.


At iV4, we provide our clients with the capabilities to combat ransomware and the malicious delivery mechanisms that enable ransomware to spread. Designed with real threats in mind, iV4's Security Managed IT Solution detects and stops ransomware in its' tracks with the tactics and methods below: 


Security Managed IT Solution Provides:


• Reputation-based web content filtering and close the communication gaps to known command and control servers

• Email protection techniques and technology that block threat vectors

• End-user security awareness training to your workforce

• Continuous monitoring of active threats on your network and relay alerts to security analysts and/or on-site technical teams

• Remediation efforts to mitigate vulnerabilities

• Overall governance of your IT infrastructure, procedures, policies, and pertinent regulatory challenges

• Assurance that regular backups are performed and tested


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Security Managed IT Solution Performs:


• Continuous vulnerability scanning to identify systems that can be exploited

• Periodic penetration testing and phishing exercises to re-enforce security awareness training


Security Managed IT Solution Sets Limitations of:


• Mapped shared drives

• Administrative and user privileges

• Users’ ability to install unauthorized software


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