OneNote: Your Digital Notebook

If you are someone who does a lot of note taking, attends meetings throughout the week, and collaborates with others, then OneNote is for you.



No more pen and paper.

The beauty of OneNote is there is no right way to use it. OneNote is what you want you want it to be. Within OneNote you have different Notebooks. For example, you might make a Sales Meetings Notebook. Each notebook is organized by tabs. Think of tabs as subject dividers from your binder in middle school.


Within each tab you create pages for all your sales meetings, brainstorming, action items, whatever you need. But now, they are organized, neat, and accessible from any device. The days of a static piece of paper and pen are over.


You have notes. Now what?

This is where OneNote gets powerful. OneNote is integrated with all of your Office apps, including Outlook. Meaning you can insert meeting details directly into your note so it's easy to follow-up and stay on top of action items.


In addition, you can find what you're looking for fast with the ability to search across all your notes. Insert documents, photos, videos, draw, record audio and video. Even collaborate with other people on the same note. Microsoft continues to add new features and plugins that make OneNote more powerful.


OneNote is Free.

No, that's not a typo. OneNote is totally free. Visit to download or the app store and download the OneNote app to your phone or tablet. In addtion, OneNote now comes standard with all versions of Office and Windows 10.



New to OneNote? 

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