Password Protection: Locking the Gates

Passwords are the security guards keeping your private information protected from cyber criminals attempting to gain access. Take a look at some best practices for creating passwords and keeping information secure.


14 Characters

The longer your password, the better. Weak passwords that are based off a simple dictionary word or something easy to guess are extremely vulnerable to cracking techniques. Security professionals recommend a minimum password length of 14 characters for users.

It is estimated that an 8-character long password based on a dictionary word followed by numbers can be cracked in a mere 7 seconds. In contrast, a 16-character password would take up to 2 years to crack.

Create a Passphrase

Using a book title, song name, or lines from a poem is an easy way to commit your password to memory and make it difficult for hackers to crack. Adding spaces between words and using special characters creates an even stronger password. Never ever use a common name, birth date, job, or location that can be traced back to you!

Example passphrase: All you need is love >>> @ll y0u n33d 1s l0v3!
25 password 450

Never Share Passwords

Out sick or on vacation, you should never tell your password to anyone. You are responsible for everything done on the system using your ID and password. In the case of an emergency leave, IT has administrative tools to gain access, without compromising the ID of the person who is out of the office.

It is extremely important to note: if you receive an email or phone call from someone asking for your username and password it is a red flag for a social engineering attempt. Immediately contact your IT department or help desk.

Develop a Password Policy

Writing a password policy for your organization is key to helping your users protect the critical systems you rely on every day. Depending on your access levels to confidential data, password requirements may vary by department.

iV4 can help your organization develop a password policy and educate users on the importance of secure passwords with Security Awareness Training.


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