Planning for Windows 7 End of Support

End of support for Windows 7 is coming up on January 14, 2020. Don't let this date pass you by without action—the impacts to security and costs are too important.

Windows 7 End of support

In the video below, Ben Wilcox, iV4's VP of Consulting discusses how Windows 7 end of support is an opportunity to embrace modern management. End of support for Windows 7 means the end of security updates, which can cause security and compliance issues and put applications and business at risk.

Watch as he discusses:
  • how to budget for Windows 7 migration
  • what you need to know about your environment before migrating to Windows 10
  • tools built-in to Windows 10 that make the transition seamless for IT teams
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This clip is an excerpt from iV4's webinar What to Include in a Kicka$$ 2019 IT Strategy. Watch the full recording and download the slide deck.


Why upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Many organizations are still using Windows 7 in their computing environment. It's time to move from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and there are many compelling reasons to do so:

  1. Windows 7 is almost 10 years old. Windows 10 is faster, improves device battery life, and supports modern input and interactivity methods. With Windows as a Service, Windows 10 is always up to date with intelligent security features in response to the latest security threats.
  2. Windows 7 can't get you fully to the cloud. The future of identity and cloud-based device management is Azure Active Directory (AD) and Microsoft Intune. Devices still on Windows 7 rely on legacy on-premises infrastructure. Only Windows 10 supports both legacy and modern device management while supporting your transition to the cloud.
  3. Security has changed. The security landscape has drastically changed since Windows 7 was first released. Windows 10 has security technologies, such as Device Guard, which validates the trustworthiness of applications before they can be ran.

Compare Security Features of Windows 7 and Windows 10


Migrating to Windows 10


Windows 10 provides IT and end users alike with the tools to do more and stay secure. As a top Microsoft Partner, iV4 has experience migrating and implementing Windows 10 including configuring additional security components. Reach out to us to discuss your migration options.


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