Proof Your Data is Safe With Office 365

Businesses need productivity tools that help users get more done from virtually anywhere while maintaining security in the face of ever-evolving threats. See how Office 365 supports both of these needs at once with a highly secure, cloud-based productivity platform.
Read through the following 10 reasons why your data is more secure in Office 365:
Office 365 security and privacy features infographic

Crafted by: Sharegate, The SIMPLEST SharePoint Security & Management tool suite.


Office 365 security out of the box provides basic protection against email spam, malware and known viruses. However, as hackers launch increasingly sophisticated and damaging attacks, companies need new tools capable of neutralizing them. 

Compiled by iV4’s Security Team, 11 Things You Should Do Immediately To Lock Down Your Office 365 walks you through key actions needed to potentially prevent an incident from occurring.



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